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Artist of the week: What’s Eating Gilbert

by MikeYabs

This week saw some new editions to the Skate and Surf lineup. How about New Found Glory on Sunday, eh? Sounds pretty good to me. You know what else sounds good? What’s Eating Gilbert on Saturday.

What’s Eating Gilbert is the solo effort of New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert. Pulling influence from the popular music of the 50’s and 60’s, Gilbert goes in a drastically different direction than we’ve become accustomed to seeing him take with his full time act.

With 5 different 7” records under his belt, Gilbert brought a full band lineup into the studio in February to record a proper full length, which should be out later this year.

I managed to see What’s Eating Gilbert in action the last time they played in New Jersey, at Starland Ballroom in support of Yellowcard. The songs are all very fun, and have that “stuck in your head all day” kind of infection to the that will keep your toes tapping the next day at work.

What’s Eating Gilbert will be playing Skate and Surf on Saturday, May 17th.

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POZ Exclusive: Skate And Surf Officially Moving Back Home To Asbury Park



PropertyOfZack has confirmed with sources that the 2014 Skate And Surf Festival will be moving back home to Asbury Park, NJ.

The City of Asbury Park voted unanimously on a multi-year deal last night to bring Skate And Surf back with plans to expand to the beach area of the town following two days this May in Bradley Park. 

POZ has also confirmed five more lineup announcements for festival-goers ahead of an additional 30 that will be announced over the next few days. Check those names, an Asbury festival map, a few more details below!

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Have videos or photos of Skate & Surf artists or from past Skate and Surf and Bamboozle festivals?

Submit them to us and we may feature them one week! 

Don’t forget your credit information! If you don’t specify anything we’ll just credit your tumblr name/url (or a youtube name/url, if you send us a video). If you want a link to a different site or name for your credit, just include that in your submission. 

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This Week In…(2/26-3/16)

by Meg

Good Evening Game Changers!  I don’t know about you, but I am sure hoping we get another exciting announcement tomorrow/this week!  Before it happens though, lets get everyone caught up!

March 8th brought some excitement to our gamechanger world.  Just like always, the newest announcements for the Skate and Surf Festival came in the form of fun.  A 3 part “activity book” was released to the fans to figure out puzzles to get the line up’s newest additions.  After all was said and done we learned that the following bands are now added to the festival:

  • I See Stars
  • My Ticket Home
  • Aer
  • Lorna Shore
  • Front Porch Step
  • I, The Breather

According to a tweet from John, they are just about ready to “pop” the radio acts that are playing as well.  Hopefully we get that announcement tomorrow!

Please remember that the Break Contest is still going strong in 2014!  The contest is currently taking place at the Game Changer World venue in New Jersey and Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Long Island New York.  If you have a chance, go check out the shows! I can not express how important it is to support your local and all up and coming artists!

Gabe Saporta recently did an interview with Alternative Press.  The discussion of the interview was obviously Midtown re-uniting and Gabe’s feelings on it.  If you have a chance, I strongly suggest you check out the interview!

Another Game Changer festival had some big news recently as well!  Electric Adventure will be heading to Atlanta next!  The festival will be held at Six Flags over Atlanta on April 12th.  Tickets are available now.  In a tweet from John, it was said that Boston might be Electric Adventure’s next location!

That’s all I got for you this week Game Changers! Stay tuned for more announcements!

Till next time…

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Artist of the Week: Basic Vacation


by danimarie

"One listen to Basic Vacation’s debut single “I Believe,” with its chanty, sing-along chorus and uplifting lyrics, and this up-and-coming trio’s mission is clear: to make emotionally charged, alternative pop-rock that burrows its way deep into your brain"

And with one listen through of their song “I Believe,” I can confirm this statement, from the band’s Facebook, to be true. Basic Vacation is a pop/indie trio whose catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms will leave you singing along before the song is done. 

Basic Vacation consists of Chris Greatti (lead vocals/guitar), Jon Paul (bass) and Mike Montalbano (drums). Although the band is relatively young, forming just over a year ago, the trio has found a formula that simply works. Their vocal and musical chemistry seamlessly blend together, creating a sound that has to be heard! The band released a its debut EP in October with Atom Factory Music and Capitol Records. Among the songs on the self-titled effort is the band’s debut single, “I Believe.” The song has been receiving praise and gaining popularity ever since its release.

If you are looking for a new pop-rock/indie band, give Basic Vacation a try. They just might be your new favorite! 

Basic Vacation will be playing Skate and Surf on Saturday, May 17th. 

Facebook || Website || LastFM || iTunes (EP under $5)

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