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Meg’s Top 5…

Hey everyone! Is everyone as excited as I am for this weekend!  If you see me, feel free to come and say hi, it’s always awesome meeting game changers!

1.       Midtown: Do I really need to explain why?? Being one of the older people going to Skate and Surf this year, this reunion, as well as several of the others, means a lot to me.  I haven’t seen Midtown live in over a decade.  They are one of the first bands I can remember going to smaller shows to see.  The fact that they are reuniting at Skate and Surf in Asbury Park means something to me and my age group!

2.       The Mongoloids: I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready to see the mongo smash back in the dirty jerz.  The Mongoloids are one of the bands that put New Jersey hardcore on the map, and it should be a very exciting set to watch for any hardcore fan!

3.       New Found Glory: Again, a band I’ve been seeing live since I graduated high school.  I’ve seen them live so many times I know when they will jump together in almost every song.  Their sets never get old and this will be one of the most fun ones to watch over the weekend.

4.       Hidden in Plain View: I guess I’m going with a theme here huh? Again, an older band.  Hailing from North Jersey, I’m interested to see HIPV play live again for a “hometown” crowd.  I guess I’m just trying to have a nostalgic weekend!

5.       Citizen:  Youth has to be one of my favorite albums as of late.  I’m really excited to see this band play live for the first time! 

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Mike’s Top 5 Bands to see at Skate and Surf this weekend

Hey guys,

Unfortunately I am unable to attend Skate and Surf this weekend (unless the festival would like to “put me on the list” [Get at me on twitter @mikeyabs ;) ]). That doesn’t stop me from posting a list of 5 bands I think you need to see this weekend!

1. Midtown. Duh. We’ve been talking very excitedly about this reunion since it was announced. Don’t miss it. You have TWO chances to see this magic happen. At the very least, scream your lungs out to Like a Movie for me since I won’t be there.

2. Science. This is your buzz band. The one you’ll be able to tell people you liked before it was cool to like them. You like Piebald, The Get Up Kids, Head Automatica, and Radiohead? Then this is a band for you to check out.

3. United Nations. If you like your hardcore very eclectic, look no further. Who the hell is in this band? Well we know Geoff Rickly (ex-Thursday) is in. Lukas Previn (Acid Tiger), Jonah Bayer (Lovekill), and David and Zac from Pianos Become the Teeth fill out the lineup currently. I think. It’s hard to keep up with this shit. They legally haven’t been able to release much music because of the international BFF group of nations don’t like that someone else is using their name.

4. Animals as Leaders. You like instrumental prog metal? Or maybe you like having your mind blown by some incredible riffage. This is the band for you.

5. Front Porch Step. If crying to sad acoustic songs is more your speed, this is the act for you. Front Porch Step has enough sads to make up for the fact that The Wonder Years aren’t sad anymore (and haven’t been for a good few years at this point. Have I beaten this joke to death yet? Also, where the hell are they this weekend?)

Have fun, kids

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POZ Show: Skate And Surf After Party - Knuckle Puck, Light Years, The Weaks, Back And Forth



Skate And Surf Festival is coming up this weekend and we cannot wait to see reunions from Midtown and Saosin and PropertyOfZack favorites like The Early November and Circa Survive. We are however even more excited to be announcing an official after party co-hosted by Bad Timing Records on the evening of May 17th at The Wonder Loft with Knuckle Puck, Light Years, The Weaks, Back And Forth. The show will be incredibly limited and tickets go on sale Wednesday at 12PM EST here via Bad Timing.

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Head to Facebook and comment on the post to help Midtown select some songs.

On this last #MidtownMonday, head to Facebook and help the band choose some songs!

Our boys in Midtown want to let THE FANS (you!) choose a few songs to be heard in their set on Sunday May 18th.

Check out this list, and post your 5 favorite songs in the comments - to be considered for their set on Sunday!

Give It Up
Like A Movie
Help me sleep
Get It Together
To Our Savior
Empty Like The ocean
So Long As Our Bodies Numb We’re Safe
Faulty Foundation
Become What You Hate
Just Rock and Roll
Hey Baby, Don’t You Know That We’re All Whores
Waiting for the news
Living In Spite
One Last Time

***If you don’t see a particular song on this list, that means it’s already being played on Saturday. ***

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Sharon’s Top 5

My top 5 bands to see this year


I’m sure everyone’s aware how excited we all are to see Midtown. I’ve never seen them before and thought I never would so I am completely stoked.

New Found Glory

One of the best bands I’ve seen live. Always such high energy from the band and crowd.

Alkaline Trio

Excited to see these guys live for the first time

Patent Pending

I’m always excited to see Patent Pending. Having been together for more than a decade and released 5 full-length albums and 7 EP, they still seem like a best kept secret.

Hidden In Plain View

This North Jersey band originally disbanded in 2007. They got together for one show at the end of 2013 and now again for S&S.

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Artist of the Week: I See Stars


I See Stars
by danimarie

I See Stars is an EHM, or Electronic Hardcore Music, band from Warren, MI. The band consists of: Devin Oliver (vocals), Andrew Oliver (Drums), Zach Johnson (Keyboard/Vocals), Brent Allen (Guitar), Jimmy Gregerson (Rhythm Guitar), and Jeff Valentine (Bass). Since I See Stars has been around since 2006, you may already be familiar with some of their music. The band started gaining popularity in 2011 and 2012. Since their conception, they have released 4 studio albums, each gaining more recognition than the last. Their most recent release, New Demons, came out in October and featured singles “Violent Bounce (People Like You)”, “Murder Mitten”, and “New Demons”.

I See Stars will be finishing up  the “Red, White, and Black Tour” with Like Moths to Flames, GhostTown, Razihel, and Miss Fortune, this month. If you missed them on the tour, be sure to hit up their set at Skate and Surf on Saturday May 17!

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This Month In…(march-april)

By: Meg

Good Afternoon Game Changers!  Are you all like me right now and can’t believe Skate and Surf is less than two weeks away?!?  Time has definitely flown this year!  Let’s get everyone caught back up to speed!

The Skate and Surf Festival is officially back home at Asbury Park now!  The change came as a surprise to many, but made many even happier.  The festival will not take place on the boardwalk or the beach, rather in front of the iconic Asbury Park Oceanfront Park.  The move back to Asbury also clears up parking issues and other logistics that may have been a problem at another venue.  Another plus will be the participation of several local businesses that reside in the area.  If you had originally booked a hotel in the Middletown area, do not worry.  The two places are not that far from each other and John has mentioned several times that they are working with the hotels to provide shuttling.  There will be several local venues being used to be the after party spots.  Performances and schedules will be up soon!  Due to the location change, some of the lineup did have to change.  There are still some amazing acts to be announced with the festival being 12 days away so stay tuned game changers.

Big congratulations to Wyland for becoming the grand prize winners of The Break Contest!  The band from New Jersey will now be playing the main stage at Skate and Surf.  Second Prize went to punk band InCircles and Check Your Morals followed in third.  Several other bands will also get a chance to play the festival. 

Lastly, some tweets from the Skate and Surf Festival twitter gave away some line up hints.  Unfortunately, a lot were to bands not playing.

·         No Andrew McMahon this year game changers, but possibly next year!

·         Frank Iero is NOT playing Skate and Surf.

·         No Front Bottoms this year.

·         Skate and Surf tried to get The Receiving End of Sirens but unfortunately that did not work out.

·         A fan tweeted to Skate and Surf asking to please book Issues and Of Mice and Men again this year.  Skate and Surf replied with “Don’t Get Mad. Please send all requests to: OK”

·         Contests will be going on for game changers to win loyalty passes that are otherwise sold out.

Game Changers; keep your eyes and ears open!  With less than two weeks away, information will start to pour in sooner than you think!

Till Next Time…

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Show Review-Mayday Parade

By: Meg

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to The Chance in Poughkeepsie and see Mayday Parade live once again.  I’ve seen the band countless times in my life; through bandmate changes and being a tiny obscure band.  I have to say, last Saturday was my favorite time by far.  The last time I saw Mayday was last year’s Skate and Surf - let’s take a moment to talk about that show.  Everyone remembers Saturday of Skate and Surf.  It was raining; the sets were running late, for a moment there I think people thought the band wasn’t even going to perform.  When they did finally, there were some technical issues due to the weather, but Mayday put on a good show none the less.  Seeing them Saturday was a total retribution moment for me.   From the moment the band took the stage till the moment they walked off they were electrifying.  Front man Derek Sanders probably didn’t even need to sing the crowd was so overwhelming.  He also performed shoeless the entire night which I found great.  With only a few sound glitches here or there, the show was flawless.  Derek even pulled the piano out to play “Miserable at Best”, a song I personally have never seen live.  If Saturday night was any indication how things are going for Mayday Parade, their career is soaring to great heights!

I also want to take a moment to talk about one of the opening bands.  We are the In Crowd were one of the supporting bands on this tour.  Playing The Chance was a homecoming for the band, all are from Poughkeepsie.  The amount of energy and love WATIC displayed was intense.  This is a band I have supported for many years; not because we come from the same area, but because they’re extremely dedicated and deserve it.  I see nothing but great things ahead in We are the In Crowd’s future. 

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